Georgetown’s Rainy National Night Out

Rain came down in torrents late Tuesday afternoon in Georgetown, Texas, prompting the cancellation of many National Night Out block parties and events.  However, at the Georgetown Housing Authority’s Activity Learning Center, at Stonehaven Apartments, things went on as planned, but inside.  There was music, dancing and food galore.   The oldest attendee was a youthful Esther Charters, 98-years-young.   While most of the fun was inside, Bugsy Malone, being a dog, had to stay outside with his folks.  Thankfully, the rain had abated by then so Bugsy and crew stayed dry.   I was hoping a few police personnel would show since the goal of National Night Out is to promote police-community partnerships.   It is what it is.   Those in attendance, Bugsy included, were glad they came.  Don’t let Bugsy’s stare fool you … he was just a curious boy, but quite friendly! 

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