A Warm Autumn Night in Bartlett, Texas

After finishing work on a story in Bartlett, Texas recently, I stayed around for a little while.   Bartlett is a Central Texas town of a little over 1600 that resides in two counties, Williamson and Bell.   If you’re looking for Bartlett on a map, it’s about 45 miles northeast of Austin, which makes it 5 miles north of Granger.   Bartlett, like Granger, has a downtown with streets paved with bricks.  Both communities, if you were to remove motor vehicles, could easily reside in the late 1800s.  These are few images I enjoyed taking, when the day’s light faded sweetly into a blue evening.  

100217 BARTLETT,

3 thoughts on “A Warm Autumn Night in Bartlett, Texas

  1. Shirley Davis

    These are absolutely beautiful. I agree about the architecture in Bartlett. Makes you think you are back in time. I was amazed at the eagles on the bank building. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.


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