A Visit to Thrall, Texas

Let’s meander a little east of Taylor, but not too far.  A short drive on U.S. Highway 79 and you’re in Thrall, Texas, population around 900.   These images aren’t tied together by anything other than geography.   The opening photo continues a fascination with railroad tracks.   Those rails run east-west through the heart of town.  Next to the tracks are what appear to be cotton storage bins, or perhaps an old gin.   It makes sense to have the crop close to the tracks.   The others?  Well, there’s Krieg Brothers Chevrolet, on Main Street.   I’m pretty sure it’s been closed for a while.   Then just a few snaps around town, including Thrall United Methodist Church, the Thrall Volunteer Fire Department headquarters, a decrepit old building on Main Street.   My favorite, however, is from the town’s Tiger Stadium, where the Thrall junior varsity team was taking on the squad from Rosebud, Texas.    A few years ago, I covered a high school game here for the Austin American-Statesman.   I determined to go back for a look at the stadium at some point.   It’s so very small-town Texas.   The few short minutes I was there, I met some nice people in the stands.  We’re blessed with many nice people. 

3 thoughts on “A Visit to Thrall, Texas

  1. Shirley Davis

    Great shot of the Chevrolet house. Is that one of my Daddyisms or do other people say that instead of dealership? Crazy! The red is just right for the building.


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