A Rodeo For the Kids

Among my favorite (and taxing) assignments for the past few years has been Georgetown’s Clayman Rodeo, now in its 24th year.   The founders are Kelly and Jim Bob Clayman, a husband/wife team, both former rodeo champions who for a number of years have instructed the equestrian arts and rodeo to youngsters in Central Texas from their home at Windsong Farm in Georgetown.  Their rodeo is an opportunity for Kelly and Jim Bob to show off the things their kids have learned throughout the year.  You won’t see any seriously-dangerous stuff at Clayman … no bull riding, or bareback horse riding.   You will, however, see kids taking part in polebending, barrel racing and team roping.   Also included is the calf scramble, where kids from the audience enter the arena and try to pull a pink ribbon from a the tail of a calf .. great fun!   The public supports the rodeo, as does the Williamson County Sun, one of the rodeo’s sponsors for many years.   Some of the images include spectators, particularly at the end. 

2 thoughts on “A Rodeo For the Kids

  1. Shirley Davis

    These photos are some of my favorite of all of your rodeo photos that I’ve had the privilege of viewing! Amazing and so Texan. The faces of the fans, the cowboys and cowgirls and the animals are all so spectacular! That one with the horses tongue out and the rider’s intent facial expression is just awesome. It gave me a good chuckle and was rooting for them. Thanks for sharing these. If you post them to your page I will have to share with my sister.


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