A Mommy-Baby Moment

Near the end of my time at last weekend’s Clayman Rodeo, when putting away the gear to mosey back home to Taylor, I saw this interaction, a mama cuddling her 4-month-old son before changing his diaper.   It was a very warm evening in Georgetown, Texas, not unusual for a south Texas autumn.   The little guy, I’m pretty sure, was loving the enveloping arms of mama.  They remained this way, fixed in time, for a few short minutes.   The technical aspects of the photos are not so good, but the moments?  I like them.  Note that before I considered posting this, I made sure it was alright with mom and dad.   On something like this, we need to be sure everyone is on board.   Have a good evening, friends.

2 thoughts on “A Mommy-Baby Moment

  1. Linda Sundberg

    What a Beautiful photo!! I just Love when photos are taken just in that moment when you later on can say; “a picture say more than 1000 words”!! Beautiful!

    1. 23642459 Post author

      Thank you very much, Linda! I try to find these little slice of life happenings. Sometimes, I get lucky.


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