A Visit to the Bartlett Friendship Fest

Today I spent a few hours in Bartlett, Texas, a community of a little over 1600 people on the Williamson/Bell County line.   A portion of the picturesque downtown area resides in each of these counties.   The occasion was their annual Bartlett Friendship Fest.  Like Granger, a few miles south, it’s a community with old-fashioned brick streets.  The house where I grew up, in Texarkana, had a brick street.   As with any festival, there was a parade, music, food, vendors, politicians, and music.   These small towns where I live have large numbers of people with Czech origins.   After being in Texas over 8 years, tonight I decided to look up the meaning of S.P.J.S.T., a Texas-based Czech fraternal group with deep roots.   If what I found on Google is to be trusted, here it is:  Slovanska Podporujici Jednota Statu Texas.   At least I know “Texas.”    One group in the parade was the Austin Jeep Community, a club of sorts.  Those jeeps were crawling all over each other, kind of cool!  They have a nifty mural in Bartlett, included in this post.   At the car show, I was duly impressed by an 8-year-old taking photos with an honest-to-goodness camera, not a smartphone.  While I give smartphones their due (reluctantly), a camera is the tool of choice.   By the way, I really like that Basset hound, Norton.  These photos were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.  

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