Ladies Range Day

On Sunday afternoon I spent a few pretty hot hours outside taking photos at Ladies Range Day, an event geared toward teaching interested women about firearms and, most important, their  safe and responsible use.   The day’s primary sponsor was Georgetown’s GTX Guns, Thrall Chief of Police Whitney Whitworth, Adore Botique and She Packs.   Most of the guidance was provided by Chief Whitworth.    Many of the attendees had never fired a gun of any sort before, but were interested in expanding their knowledge base.   They got to fire a few smaller pistols, but could also try out an Uzi submachine gun or an M-4 machine gun.   The majority of the group were probably interested in the smaller firearms with personal protection in mind, but they seemed to have fun trying out the big stuff, too!    Except for the heat, I had a good time shooting the photos,  The organizers, and the ladies, were gracious.    While not personally  a firearms owner (too expensive for a photographer!), I have few issues with those who do, assuming they’re responsible and menatally-healthy!   These photos were taken for my friends at the Williamson County Sun.

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