From the Archives … Shriners Hospital, 1979

In May 1979, during my time at work for the Shreveport Journal, I spent a day at Shriners Hospital for Children.   The hospital, specializing in orthopaedic treatment of children, was the first of what is now a network of hospitals, this one opening in September 1922.   These two photos show nurses working with children as they grow accustomed to their prosthetic limbs, where one child is comforted while another uses roller skates to build confidence with her new limbs.   The compassion and empathy shown by the staff was what stood out more than anything.   I’m guessing the staff today continues to demonstrate the same level of caring.   Prosthetic limbs have come a long way since these photos were taken.   Note that when I visited, we were careful to avoid showing the faces of the kids, but I determined that was not an issue to bring home the point.   By the way, the spelling of orthopaedic is the classic British form, used in Shriners sites everywhere.   That’s good enough for yours truly.

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