A Negative Becomes a Positive

Earlier this week an assignment I had scheduled in Georgetown fell through, but not before making the 30-minute trek over there.   But why not make the best of the drive, right?   At least that’s my photographic philosophy.  By late afternoon, with light fading in a good way, I parked near the Georgetown square and took a stroll.  It was nice evening, with temperatures moderate after a day of rain.  My cameras and I found ourselves on the lawn of the Williamson County Courthouse, here since 1911.   Thankfully, the windows were rather clean because the reflections I saw were just fine, the windows giving a view of some of Main Street’s nicest buildings.   Once that itch was scratched, I walked around to the courthouse’s north side.  From where I stood, the old structure, usually tan in appearance,  transformed into an elegant study in monotone.  For fun, I converted the photos shown here to black and white, but honestly?  They looked almost the same!   Continuing my stroll around the courthouse, I stopped on its south side, along 8th Street.  Upstairs, in two windows, were two flower vases to complement the scene, with the courthouse also represented in those panes.    Back on Main Street, the trees on the courthouse lawn stood out in yet another window.   Finally, looking at the offices of the Williamson County Sun, there was the lady atop the courthouse, holding onto the scales of justice.   Driving back to Taylor, I realized this:  a negative became a positive.

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