Sharing With Sister On a Hot July Day

This set of photos is one of those kind of accidental things that can happen on a given day.  On Saturday, I was on the square in Georgetown for another assignment.   It was also Market Days, held the second Saturday of each month in Georgetown.   By early-afternoon, feeling the effects of our summer heat, I nestled under a big shade tree on the courthouse lawn, cameras at parade rest.   After a few minutes, along comes a mom and her two kids, ages 5 and 2.   They apparently were feeling the heat, too, and decided to rest a spell.  Big brother had a shaved ice to help things along.   Little sister had her own treat, but soon passed it to mom.  She had her eyes squarely  on big brother’s frozen confection.   I like how this young fellow shared the treat, and his love, with his little sister.  No fighting, no arguing.  Just being sweet siblings.   This short series of photos sums up why I think community photojournalism resonates.   While I love doing those scenic photos from my neck of the woods, nothing beats interaction with our fellow beings.

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