Rodeo Is Great, But Would Be Greater in Winter!

Last evening I covered the first of two nights of the annual Taylor Rodeo.   What I love about the Taylor Rodeo are many things … among them is that the arena is only two miles from my house!  And Taylor is the home of Bill Pickett, an African-American who invented bulldogging, also known as steer wrestling.    But here’s what I wonder.   Why are rodeos a summer sport?  It was so dang hot last night!   Without researching the matter, my assumption is that rodeo must have its roots somewhere up around the Rockies.  You know, a really cold place in winter.  But here in the Southwest, it seems like a great sporting endeavor meant for our more relaxed winter climate (except for the Panhandle, that is).  But I digress.   The Taylor Rodeo, whenever you hold it, is a fine, well-organized event, drawing cowboys, and fans, from all over.    Here are a few photos I took for the Williamson County Sun, including the obligatory action shots, but some Mutton Bustin’ and Steer Saddling, too.  In case you’re wondering, Steer Saddling is when a team enters the arena with a cow, then proceeds to put a saddle on the critter, then ride it.  It was a bunch of fun.  Except, of course, for the heat.

2 thoughts on “Rodeo Is Great, But Would Be Greater in Winter!

  1. Shirley Davis

    Oh my! The little boy clown is wonderful! Fantastic shot! I agree about the heat! Once my children outgrew going with parents and went with dates, I quit going to the Gladewater Rodeo. My kids loved it, however, I truly don’t believe that a one of them have taken their children. Well, only 2 of the 3 have children. Maybe it would be cooler to attend a Montana rodeo.

  2. Andy Sharp

    This arena has a roof, but is open on the sides. While a nice facility, the hot air seems to get trapped in there, pretty stifling at times!


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