Keeping A Bit of History Alive

I’ve always found it nice when folks find some way to hold onto historic structures in their community.   Since moving to Taylor, Texas in 2009, I’ve admired the Old Taylor High building on 7th Street.   It’s been used by several non-profits for a number of years, but its future had been uncertain until Cliff and Kaitlin Olle purchased it from the school district.  Renovation is ongoing for multiple uses, including apartments and retail space.   Thankfully, some of the non-profits who’ve been tenants, like Meals on Wheels, will remain.  The school opened in 1923, finally closing its doors in 1969.   The gymnasium, a Works Progress Administration project, was added in 1936.  An annex came along in 1956.   I’m told the lockers will remain, which is kind of neat.   My favorite part of the structure is its 900-seat auditorium.   What a grand space!    Not all old buildings are worth holding onto, but this school is a classic … and a gem.

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