Another Visit to the Rookery

While I try to hold back on posting too much of the same subject matter, the rookery at Murphy Park in Taylor, when the area is active, is a place of peace and relief.  This week, I got up before dawn for an early-morning look.   The first photo was taken then.  The rest of the images were made about 13 hours later on the same day.   A story from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this week was interesting, about egrets nesting in neighborhoods there, creating quite a mess.   Local folks in Taylor tell me the egrets have also dropped a lot of poop on their yards and homes, too, but I haven’t heard much about that recently.   They are a protected species.   Despite their drawbacks, I do enjoy seeing them.   As always, it’s therapy.

2 thoughts on “Another Visit to the Rookery

  1. Shirley Davis

    These are nice! Hope to get out this next week for a couple of days at Beavers Bend. It is only a little over 2 hrs from here. Got the cameras out already.


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