A Brief Stop in Cedar Creek, Texas

We took an afternoon drive today, making our way to the trailer park where we lived from 1972-1974 (still there), then on to Lockhart, where we had a nice visit to the town square, and, of course, Whataburger.   After filling up, we chose a different route home to Taylor, through Bastrop County, Texas.   Motoring along Texas Highway 21, we came to Cedar Creek, a dot on the map.  To our left was a sign: “Hopewell Rosenwald School est. 1921-22.”  Initially, I passed on by, but about two seconds passed before I turned around to check it out.   The gate was open.   I got out to take an exterior photo, then went to peek in the windows.  To my surprise, the door to the old school was unlocked.   When I peeked inside, curiosity won out.   For a few very short minutes I stepped inside, touching not a thing.  The interior of this large one-room schoolhouse was adorned with materials for renovation.  Back home tonight, a Google search provided more information.  Hopewell Rosenwald School was formed for the area’s African-American youth, continuing as a school through the late 1950s.   Once closed, it fell on hard times for many years.   In 2015 things began to change when it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.   Then along comes Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative, providing a $50,000 capital grant for its restoration.  When work is completed, the school will become a community center.   I’m glad we stopped by.  And that it was open.  

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