Clinging Vines on the Prairie

This old farmhouse, obviously long abandoned, was something I happened on tonight, once again, a little west of Granger, Texas.   The vines have begun to take over.   Although this is a scene on the prairie, it brings to mind a vine I saw for many years in Georgia … kudzu.    If you’re curious about kudzu, look it up via Google, or whatever search engine you like.   Whatever this clinging plant, I found its persistence an interesting subject for a camera.   Look closely and you’ll see a little floral touch, too.

2 thoughts on “Clinging Vines on the Prairie

  1. katie wood

    It’s trumpet vine. I have to battle it at my house. For a while I was losing the battle and it was growing up around the eaves over upstairs windows. The flowers attracted hummingbirds, which were marvelous to watch. Various folks bossy folks kept fussing at me to get the vine down, but I enjoyed it. Eventually, I did have to have it cut back when I had the house painted a few years back.

  2. Andy Sharp

    Thanks, Katie! I know so little about plant life, but your floral talents come to the rescue.


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