A Visit to East 6th Street in Austin…1973

This is one of those periodic things where I take a peek back in time.   East 6th Street in Austin, Texas is a place where I spent I lot of time with my camera in 1973.   It was during the time when I was studying photojournalism at UT-Austin.   Back then, and for years before, it was a gathering place for a variety of folks.  Some were blue-collar workers, catching buses home, or stopping by a bar for a nightcap before heading home.    East  6th Street was also  an oasis for  people facing hard times, dealing with substance abuse and mental illness issues.   A few months ago, I visited the area for the first time in 40-plus years.   While it’s changed, and become “trendy” for locals and visitors alike, there are still those in pain wandering the same path as 44 years ago.   These are 1973 images, just street scenes.

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