A New, But Old, Red Barn

At first glance, you might think this is yet another little missive about corn, but the barn’s the subject this time.   You just can’t avoid corn this time of the year.    Since we moved to Taylor in the summer of 2009, I’ve had my eye on this barn.   The problem has been the barn’s location, a little off the main road.   One rule of thumb I try to follow is NOT going on private property for my subjects.   Although there’s a house in front, I’d not once seen a soul there.  Then, about two weeks ago, I spied a couple tilling a little garden next to the house.   I pulled in, introduced myself and asked if it would be okay to occasionally come on their property to take photos.  They were quite gracious and welcomed me anytime.  The reason I’ve not found anyone there is because the couple lives in Austin, coming to the family farmhouse when time allows.    This fits the definition of a “weathered barn” for sure!   On my first visit the other night, right up next to one side rested a rusty 1963 (I think) Chevrolet Impala, rode hard and put up wet.   I’ll visit this one again, folks.   It took almost eight years, but I am a persistent fellow.

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